About Us

We are a Spanish manufacturer of IVD reagents.  Since 1969 we’ve been developing our activities in several fields of human diagnostics:

Clinical Chemistry Laboratories

This comprises reagents for Biochemistry, Immunology, Haemostasia, and the distribution and service of autoanalyzers.

-  Microbiology Laboratories

We produce ready-to-use stains for Bacteriology ; Gram staining, Ziehl-Neelsen, Fluorescent stains.

Histopathology & Haematology Laboratories

Papanicolaou technique stains, Giemsa, May – Grünwald, Wright and 3-steps fast haematology staining (Quick Panoptic)


Our Company

Quimica Clinica Aplicada, S.A., the Spanish for “ Applied Clinical Chemistry”,  is mainly focused in developing & manufacturing products for our network of Distributors.

We are a young and dynamic team managed and composed by expert professionals in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biology & Microbiology that are fully dedicated to Production, Quality Control, R&D and Customer Support.

We are a flexible organization; a direct and effective internal work-flow allow us to fulfil our Quality Policy :  

1-  Our efforts are totally focused on our Customers in order to identify, fulfil and even go beyond their requirements and expectations.

2-  To meet all the legal and technical requirements to keep our Quality Standard at the highest level.

3-  To encourage our human team to a constant professional growth in the Excellence. Motivation lead us to a commitment for improvement  and productivity.

4- The acquisition of a commitment to improve our management system and the conformity of our products.